Survey of 35th Class Reunion/For Those That Attended

Thanks for attending the BHS Class of '79 35th reunion. We hope you had a great time reconnecting with old friends, connecting with new friends, smiling until your cheeks hurt and going home exhausted but filled with wonderful memories. If you attended one day or both days, we would like to pick your brain and will use that for planning the 40th reunion coming up in 2019.

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1)   The weekend of July 11-12 (Brookings Arts Festival) was a good weekend for our reunion:

Yes No
2)   The 3 levels of hotel accommodation blocks reserved were adequate(low, moderate and high priced)

3)   I attended:(check all that apply)

  Friday evening at Nick's
  Saturday morning Beef/Eggs Walk/Run 5K
  Saturday afternoon BHS school tour
  Saturday evening at McCrory Gardens
  Brookings Summer Arts Festival Saturday/Sunday
4)   Did you feel the Friday Nick's event met the needs of the reunion's informal gathering? Why or why Not?

  Event's Physical Location
  Food/ Service
  BYOB Evening
5)   If you only attended one day of the reunion,the reason was:(check all that apply)

  Schedule Conflict
  Unable To Do Both, Financially
  Didn't Want to Spend That Much Time With Classmates
  Don't Like More Formal Events
6)   Did you feel that McCrory Gardens met the need of the more formal evening on Saturday? Why or Why Not?:

  Event's Physical Location
  Teachers Attending
  Cash Bar
  Class Pictures
  Memory/Memorabilia Tables
  Buffet Dinner
  After Dinner / Open Mic
7)   Even though the 40th reunion is five years away,what weekends appears to work out the best for you.(check as many as apply)

  Last weekend in June
  First weekend in July(4th of July weekend)
  Second weekend in July (Summer Arts FestivaS)
  Last weekend in July
  Homecoming weekend(Sept/Oct)

In the past, we have had to plan reunions around kids/school, but most of that will have changed by our 40th reunion. But,we still have classmates who are teachers.
8)   Do you plan on attending the 40th class reunion in 2019?(Don't worry, we won't hold you to it)

Yes No
9)   Any other comments/suggestions