Survey of 35th Class Reunion/For Those That Didn't Attend

We Missed You!  We would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to answer some questions that would help us prepare for our next class reunion (40th class reunion coming up in 5 years) Thank You for your time and input.

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1)   I did not attend the 35th class reunion July 11-12th,2014 because:

  Schedule conflict
  Cost : Travel/Hotel/Event Price
  No Interest In Seeing Former BHS '79 classmates
  Didn't Know About It
2)   I have attended our class reunions in the past.

Yes No
3)   We understand it's hard to predict 5 years ahead. But,if you were to attend the 40th class reunion in 2019, when would be a good weekend for you to attend?

  Last week in June
  First weekend in July (around 4th of July)
  2nd weekend in July( Summer Arts Festival weekend)
  Last weekend in July
  Homecoming at BHS in Sept/Oct

We,typically, have had the reunions in the summer due to kids/school activities but we are getting to the age where this is less of an issue.We still have classmates who are teachers.
4)   What is the possibility of your coming to the 40th class reunion? :

  Extremely high
  Fairly high
  Fairly Low
  Extremely Low
5)   Jim Seas is the coordinator for the 40th class reunion. Would you be willing to help on a subcommittee? You don't need to live in the Brookings area to help out. Those helping with the 35th were from all over the country.

  Finding Classmates
  Friday Evening Event: Informal Gathering
  Saturday Morning/Afternoon Events
  Saturday Evening Event: Decorations/Food/Video/Music/Memory Table
  Not interested in helping out at this time
6)   Additional comments/suggestions/ideas: