We Need You!

Contact Barb Jones Birkholt (to prevent email spam, link takes you to Barb's bio to click on "send a private message" -- must be logged-in) if you can help with:

  1. Video/Slideshow    Lyn Clark(Ruth Camp) 
  2. School tour /Lori Ellerbruch Olson
  3. Contact teachers (invite them to come and join us)
  4. Decorations (buying, setting up and tearing down) Still need classmates to help with this
  5. Music! (Late 60's and 70's music as a playlist that can be played off of an Ipod, etc.) Still need help with this

...but This Part is Easy...

  1. Update your Bio on the class website and post old pictures, present pictures, pictures from past reunions.
  2. Food issues? Gluten free,Vegetarian Contact Barb soon! The Catering Serice will serve alternatives to those individuals if they know ahead of time.
  3. Let Barb know about anything forgotten
  4. Get excited about getting back together! We've all grown up, possibly matured, some are grandparents. So leave any high school issues from the the past. Just come and have a great time. I guarantee you will be glad you came!!!!!